Why People Suck


There’s a perfectly hilarious reason for that bad behavior!

You’ve heard of Sigmund Freud.
You’ve heard of Carl Jung.
But have you heard of Abe Surde?

Surde is a humorist and master mixologist who tackles, with a smile and a wink, one hundred commonly irritating and upsetting personality types seen in everyday life.

From disconcerting creeps to loudmouth louts and worrisome weirdos, Surde shares with readers his channeled theories on the origins of bad behavior. His assemblage of wacky yet clever musings, combined in a quasi-serious and silly waWPS new cover 10-10-17 for websitey, adds levity to a world gone mad.

This nonsensical collection amuses while simultaneously serving kernels of truth that surprisingly hit the mark. Surde’s “divine” insights will tickle your funny bone unexpectedly, the way a dramatic comedy can suddenly spark a fit of laughter, because you didn’t see it coming.

WHY PEOPLE SUCK is a great icebreaker for parties and a fun distraction for those who need a break from their problems. It also makes the perfect gift for that special someone.

Warning for delicate readers: the book contains adult language, references to sex and drugs, but only minimally to rock and roll.

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